Calculating The Costs of Seeing Patients – Part 2

The Costs of Seeing Patients

A serious aspect of practice often overlooked.

Have You Ever?

Last week the “Have You Ever” was to calculate what it costs to see a patient. This week is simple; it’s
the other half of the equation. What do you collect per visit?

Lets guess, you charge $XX.xx per adjustment to a single level and $XX.xx for multiple levels and $X.xx for therapy and then there are exams and x-rays and… But what do you collect? I know $20.00 co-pay plus insurance unless it goes to their deductible and you write off… NO What do you collect per visit?

Simple numbers and simple equations work well again. See how much money you received in the
office in a year. Divide it by the number of patient visits in that same year. That’s how much you
collect per visit. Don’t cheat, no one will ever ask.

Spoiler alert – The collection minus the cost is your net. It’s not what you make but what you keep.

This article was contributed to us by Dr. Dennis Hall Jr. Stay tuned for more on this topic!

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