Calculating The Costs of Seeing Patients

The Costs of Seeing Patients

A serious aspect of practice often overlooked.

Have You Ever?

We all get up and see patients. We have systems in place to make the office run properly and make
our life easier. I would prefer to think that easier means more efficiently in this case. So the Have You Ever for this week is:

Have you ever calculated what it costs you to see a patient?

You may be wondering how it costs the doctor to see a patient. Well unless you are seeing people in
the street, there is the cost of the building. There is utilities to the building, insurance, repairs,
equipment, education, postage, team education…, the list goes on. Let’s not forget the largest one
usually, the team salary. Sure they love you but stop paying them and they go away. All of them go
away if not paid. That’s the costs.

It’s a simple equation take your expenses – all of them for one year (remember those you told the
government about on your taxes) and divide it by the number of visits provided to people in that
same year (a simple report on that computer expense thing should be able to get you that number).

That is what it cost to see a patient.

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This article was contributed to us by Dr. Dennis Hall Jr. Stay tuned for more on this topic!

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