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Advancing Our Field

Carolina Chiropractors was founded by NC practitioners who share a common core set of values and goals to help promote and advocate for the field they are passionate about. Our founding members believe in putting patients first, that serving our patients is the highest calling.

Chiropractic was founded over 100 years ago by DD Palmer who dared to believe that doctors and medicine don’t heal, but that the body heals itself. He believed that only the Power that created the body can heal the body. That within us lies perfection, endowed by our Creator, to adapt to its environment and will heal itself…until it can’t, and begins crying for help!

He correctly thought that the body can sometimes become overwhelmed by stresses in life and that those stresses cause imbalances and misalignments in the body and spine interfering with the natural healing process, and that something could be done about it. That was the genesis of Chiropractic.

Focusing On Patients

For many years Chiropractic grew and flourished based on this self-healing philosophy. Doctors practiced with honor and integrity, always putting ‘patients first’. They passionately believed in freeing their patients ails through adjustments, while letting nothing stand in their way. Some even went to jail fighting for this practice freedom. For them, they didn’t just believe in chiropractic…they lived it everyday!

Recently some regulatory and industry changes have required chiropractors to divert time and energy away from practicing–managed care and the politics surrounding it have disrupted the natural order of our priorities, and we believe in restoring our focus to honest patient care and ethical medical necessity.

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